Proficiency Tests

The performance and evaluation of the proficiency tests offered by us is carried out according to "The International Harmonized Protocol for the Proficiency Testing of Analytical Chemistry Laboratories: Pure & Applied Chemistry 78, 145-196 (2006)", taking into account the essential elements of ISO 17043:2010 and ISO 13528:2015.

We are interested in offering the most interesting or currently required parameters in the different sample materials. Due to our cooperation with different working groups, suggestions of participants but also due to the composition of the sample material intended for a PT, there are always innovations in our portfolio.

Our range of comparative laboratory tests is continuously updated and expanded. 

You can download our offer as a PDF file in the form of an application form.

Registrations and cancellations for proficiency tests can be made non-formally in written form.

The listed prices are net, i.e. without value added tax. They are valid for participants within Germany. Surcharges for the increased postage and administration costs will be charged for participants outside of Germany.

After the samples have been sent, the participants have 6 weeks, in holiday periods (June to September) 8 weeks for the examination in the laboratory. Changes of dates will be announced here.